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Partnering to fight malaria in India: Past, present and future.

Samby, Kirandeep; Ramachandruni, Hanu; Banerji, Jaya; Burrows, Jeremy N; Daumerie, Penny Grewal; Hooft van Huijsduijnen, Rob A M; Duparc, Stephan; Wells, Timothy N C.
J Vector Borne Dis; 56(1): 15-24, 2019.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Maio 2019 | ID: mdl-31070161
Resumo: The global fight against malaria requires continual development of new tools. Collaborations in India have played a key role in MMV's partnerships to discover, develop and deliver new medicines. Over the last decade, India has become a focal point of global medicinal chemistry, and combined with investments in basic science, this has led to the discovery of new potential drugs. India also brings significant experience to drug development, in clinical trials, but also in formulation and manufacturing. Finally, innovative new approaches in case management have streamlined impact at the level of communities and the patients.