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[The evaluation of efficiency of medical organizations providing primary medical sanitary care in conditions of capitation financing].

Lindenbraten, A L; Chuvatkin, P P; Grishina, N K; Saitgareev, R R; Znachkova, E A; Ataeva, N B.
Artigo em Russo | MEDLINE | Abr 2019 | ID: mdl-30990980
Resumo: The article analyzes the results of implementing per capita financing mechanism in medical organizations providing primary medical sanitary care. The comprehensive methodology was applied, including analysis and generalization of experience, statistical, analytical, sociological, monographic description, economic, comparative analysis, organizational experiment. The analysis demonstrated that in actual conditions number of subjects of the Russian Federation, being able to include in per capita standard only those volumes of additional medical care that can be directly impacted by primary health care unit decreased significantly.