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Maladies infectieuses émergentes et réémergentes. / [Emergent and reemergent infectious diseases].

Bricaire, François.
Rev Prat; 68(7): 721-726, 2018 Sep.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | 2018 | ID: mdl-30869318
Resumo: Emergent and reemergent infectious diseases. The notion of emerging and re-emerging infection has been developed recently, even if it rests on an already former concept. The emergence is doubtless delicate to define but can globally be an infectious disease by which the real incidence increases for a population and a geographical zone given to a period of time. Numerous factors condition an emergence, very unknown or not mastered. They report the difficulty or the impossibility to plan in a reliable way a future phenomenon, which would be nevertheless desirable. Yet to assure a legitimate effective coverage, serious preliminary data is essential. The modern companies wish to get organized and to form themselves to fight at best. Diverse ways can be set up.