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Assessing and Improving the Use of Online Information About Child Development, Education, Health, and Well-Being in Low-Education, Low-Income Parents: Protocol for a Mixed-Methods Multiphase Study.

Pluye, Pierre; Loignon, Christine; Lagarde, François; Doray, Geneviève; El Sherif, Reem; Granikov, Vera; Gonzalez Reyes, Araceli; Bujold, Mathieu; Grad, Roland; Bartlett, Gillian; Barwick, Melanie; Schuster, Tibor; Turcotte, Emmanuelle; Bouthillier, France.
JMIR Res Protoc; 7(11): e186, 2018 Nov 20.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Nov 2018 | ID: mdl-30459143
Resumo: BACKGROUND: This study is born from a partnership between Web editors of Naître et grandir (N&G) and AboutKidsHealth (AKH) and researchers who developed and validated the Information Assessment Method (IAM). N&G and AKH are popular Canadian websites with high-quality comprehensive information about child development, education, health, and well-being. IAM allows parents to assess online information and provide feedback to Web editors. High-quality online consumer health information improves knowledge, self-efficacy, and health. However, low-socioeconomic status (SES) parents underuse N&G and IAM, despite these parents being more likely to report decreased worries and increased confidence as outcomes from N&G information. OBJECTIVE: The study is aimed to improve low-SES parents' use of online child information and interaction with Web editors and explore subsequent health outcomes for parents and children. METHODS: Multiphase mixed-methods design. Our general approach is centered on organizational participatory research. In phase 1, we will conduct a qualitative interpretive study to identify barriers and facilitators to using N&G information and to interacting with N&G editors via IAM; interview more than 10 low-SES parents about their experience with N&G and IAM and more than 10 nonusers of N&G and IAM; and use thematic analysis to identify main barriers and facilitators. In phase 2, we will integrate parents' views (phase 1 findings) in N&G and IAM and implement a new version: IAM+N&G+. In phase 3, we will conduct a quantitative prospective longitudinal study (pre-/postimplementation monitoring of knowledge use and outcomes). We will compare the use of original (IAM and N&G) and new (IAM+ and N&G+) versions using Google Analytics variables, IAM variables, a material and social deprivation index, and demographics. We anticipate increased use post implementation (linear mixed modeling). In phase 4, we will conduct a qualitative descriptive study on outcomes of information use. We will interview more than 30 low-SES parents who receive and rate the N&G+ newsletter using IAM+ and analyze data in the form of life histories to describe how parents and children experience perceived outcomes. RESULTS: The project was funded in 2017 by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and received an ethics approval by the McGill University's institutional review board. Data collection for phase 1 was completed in 2018. Phases 2 to 4 will be conducted until 2020. Findings from this study will also be used to develop a free toolkit, useful to all Web editors, with recommendations for improving health information for low-SES persons and interactions with them using IAM. CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study will provide a deep understanding of how low-SES parents use online child information and interact with Web editors. Following the implementation of IAM+N&G+, results will also elucidate subsequent health outcomes for low-SES parents and children after interaction with Web editors has been optimized. INTERNATIONAL REGISTERED REPORT IDENTIFIER (IRRID): PRR1-10.2196/9996.