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Developing a Web-Based Smoking Cessation Program and Evaluating Its Effectiveness.

Koyun, Ayse; Eroglu, Kafiye.
Holist Nurs Pract; 33(1): 27-35, 2019.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | 2019 | ID: mdl-30422922
Resumo: This study, which is based on the Stages of Change Model, aimed to develop a Web-based smoking cessation program and to evaluate its effectiveness. An interventional study with 1 group was conducted with college students from Afyon Kocatepe University. First, the Web-Based Smoking Cessation Program was set up ( The sample in this study was composed of the 433 students who were site members. The appropriate stages of the program were then sent to members' e-mail addresses at monthly intervals over a period of 6 months. Second, the effectiveness of the program was evaluated at the baseline, the third, and the sixth months of the study. The study was completed with 314 students. The data were evaluated using descriptive statistics, 1-way analysis of variance, and analysis of variance for repeated measures. There were significant developments in the self-efficacy, cognitive, and behavioral processes of students in the third and sixth months of the study. Students (2.5%) had quit smoking by the third month and 4.5% by the sixth month. These results reveal that the program was able to help students quit smoking, increase their self-efficacy, and develop the process of change regarding smoking cessation.