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Building Advocacy Capacity and Skills Through a Statehouse Advocacy Day: Indiana SOPHE Experience.

Carson, Any'e; Hancher-Rauch, Heidi L; Gebru, Yordanos.
Health Promot Pract; 19(6): 803-806, 2018 11.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Ago 2018 | ID: mdl-30132362
Resumo: The purpose of this article is to provide public health organizations and practitioners a guide for organizing an advocacy summit to develop and practice advocacy skills. Further development of advocacy skills in current and prospective public health practitioners is vital in improving health outcomes among communities creating sustainable change. Though many approaches are available to help students and professionals acquire advocacy skills, an engaging real-life event such as the advocacy summit described within this commentary can be highly beneficial for both novice and seasoned advocates. The feedback obtained from summit participants showed that participants are interested in similar opportunities and believe that such events help further hone their advocacy skills. The essential steps to plan a successful advocacy summit are provided in the article, as well as a sample planning timeline, making it easier for public health advocates in other states to successfully plan similar events.