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Grandmother's support for new mothers in Japan.

Matsui, Rie; Sato, Yumi.
Public Health Nurs; 35(5): 404-413, 2018 09.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Maio 2018 | ID: mdl-29770966
Resumo: OBJECTIVES: This study was designed to describe grandmothers' intentions regarding providing satisfactory infant care support for new mothers. DESIGN AND SAMPLE: Qualitative inductive analysis was performed using semistructured interviews conducted with 19 pairs of grandmothers and new mothers with one child aged 3-4 months old. RESULTS: Support that satisfied the new mothers was categorized into five concepts, which included support activities such as "minding the grandchild" and "supporting family life". Six reasons were attributed by the new mothers for their satisfaction such as "reduced anxiety toward infant care" and "lifestyle stability including infant care". The grandmothers' intentions in providing satisfactory infant care support for new mothers were categorized into seven concepts that included "sympathizing with the hardships of motherhood upon seeing the mother's situation" and "balancing the desire to provide support and maintain their own lifestyle". CONCLUSIONS: Grandmothers wanted to help new mothers by supporting and empowering them. Data also showed that grandmothers could potentially benefit from research-based information on modern infant care practices as well as reliable and up-to-date infant care information obtained from within the community. Supporting grandmothers in their role will ultimately benefit infants and new mothers and contribute to grandmothers' personal fulfillment.