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Que reste-t­il de nos Balint ? / [What remains of our Balints ?]

Marion-Veyron, Régis; Tzartzas, Konstantinos; Saraga, Michael.
Rev Med Suisse; 13(549): 360-362, 2017 Feb 08.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | Jul 2017 | ID: mdl-28708356
Resumo: In addition to providing psychiatric care to patients with somatic diseases, liaison psychiatry plays a role in the teaching of the relational aspects of medical practice. This series of three articles offers a critical reflection on this topic and examples of educational programs developed at Lausanne University Hospital. In the Department of Ambulatory Care and Community Medicine, an intervention inspired by Balint groups offers to residents in general internal medicine the possibility of working through their clinical experiences and their evolving professional identity.