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Evaluation of Veterans Affairs primary care nurse practitioner residency: Achievement of competencies.

Rugen, Kathryn Wirtz; Dolansky, Mary A; Dulay, Maya; King, Samuel; Harada, Nancy.
Nurs Outlook; 66(1): 25-34, 2018.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | 2018 | ID: mdl-28697845
Resumo: BACKGROUND: The Institute of Medicine has recommended the establishment of residency programs for advanced practice nursing graduates. Currently, the evidence about program effectiveness is limited. PURPOSE: To describe the nurse practitioner (NP) resident outcomes on seven competency domains established by the VA Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education (VA CoEPCE). METHODS: We evaluated mean NP resident competency self-ratings and mean mentor ratings over the 12-month program across NP residency programs at five sites. Highest and lowest rated items and differences between NP resident self-ratings and mentor ratings were analyzed. RESULTS: Mean NP resident self-ratings and mean mentor ratings demonstrated statistically significant improvement in all domains (p < .0001). At 12 months, NP residents were rated by their mentors as able to practice without supervision in all competency domains. At 1 and 12 months, clinical, leadership and quality improvement/population management competencies were the lowest scored domains while patient-centered care, interprofessional team collaboration, shared decision-making and sustained relationships competencies were highest. CONCLUSIONS: These results provide initial evidence for the effectiveness of VA CoEPCE NP residency programs and also highlight areas of needed improvement.