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¿El aseguramiento público en salud mejora la atención en los servicios? El caso de la atención prenatal en adolescentes en México. / [Does public health insurance improve health care? The case of prenatal care for adolescents in Mexico].

Saavedra-Avendaño, Biani; Darney, Blair G; Reyes-Morales, Hortensia; Serván-Mori, Edson.
Salud Publica Mex; 58(5): 561-568, 2016.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | Dez 2016 | ID: mdl-27991987
Resumo: Objective:: To test the association between public health insurance and adequate prenatal care among female adolescents in Mexico. Materials and methods:: Cross-sectional study, using the National Health and Nutrition Survey 2000, 2006, and 2012.We included 3 978 (N=4 522 296) adolescent (12-19) women who reported a live birth.We used logistic regression models to test the association of insurance and adequate (timeliness, frequency and content) prenatal care. Results:: The multivariable predicted probability of timely and frequent prenatal care improved over time, from 0.60 (IC95%:0.56;0.64) in 2000 to 0.71 (IC95%:0.66;0.76) in 2012. In 2012, the probability of adequate prenatal care was 0.54 (IC95%:0.49;0.58); women with Social Security had higher probability than women with Seguro Popular and without health insurance. Conclusion:: Having Social Security is associated with receipt of adequate prenatal care among adolescents in Mexico.