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Essentials of building a career in nursing research.

Cleary, Michelle; Sayers, Jan; Watson, Roger.
Nurse Res; 23(6): 9-13, 2016 Jul.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Jul 2016 | ID: mdl-27424961
Resumo: BACKGROUND: Nursing research is fundamental to driving evidence-based practice and achieving safe outcomes for patients. Underpinning the discussion in this paper are nurse researchers who thought strategically during their undergraduate and postgraduate studies to build a body of credible research influencing patient outcomes and, in so doing, establish their careers. AIM: To provide an overview of some of the career essentials that support a transition in role for the beginner or emerging researcher, otherwise known as the early career researcher. DISCUSSION: Early career researchers need to acquire research competencies, to get involved in research teams, and to understand the research landscape and the various associated subtleties/vagaries and career trajectories. This is fundamental for establishing their credibility as researchers, and enabling them to undertake research that will influence policy and practice. CONCLUSION: Establishing a research career is challenging, and takes time, effort, patience, perseverance and commitment. For beginner researchers, collegial support and mentoring are essential to support a viable, professional, sustainable, enquiring profession, and a satisfying career. IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE: Building individual capabilities and collaborative research teams together is fundamental to research success in adapting to new roles and workplaces.