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Sofrimento e prazer no processo de formação de residents multiprofissionais em saúde. / [Suffering and pleasure in the process of forming multidisciplinary health residents].

da Silva Fernandes, Marcelo Nunes; Beck, Carmem Lúcia Colomé; Weiller, Teresinha Heck; Viero, Viviani; Freitas, Paula Hubner; Prestes, Francine Cassol.
Rev Gaucha Enferm; 36(4): 90-7, 2015 Dec.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | 2015 | ID: mdl-26735764
Resumo: OBJECTIVE: to identify situations of pleasure and suffering in the process of training multidisciplinary health resident. METHOD: qualitative research, developed in the Multiprofessional Residence Program in Health at a university from the south of Brazil. Data was collected in 2013 through focus groups with nine residents, and analyzed according to a thematic analysis. RESULTS: The situations of suffering were stimulated by negative situations undergone by the health workers such as difficulties in participating in other professional training activities, excessive number of activities the residents commit to as health workers, lack of knowledge and hindered integration in the areas of Residency. The situations of pleasure were a result of the multiprofessional activities developed and the resident's larning possibility. CONCLUSION: The situations of pleasure and suffering identified can help in the planning of institutional actions that contribute to a professional training process and the overall wellbeing of the residents.