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[How to properly use the fear in AIDS intervention-the history and further of fear appeal development].

Zhang, Ke; Du, Xiufang; Tao, Xiaorun; Zhang, Yuanyuan; Kang, Dianmin.
Zhonghua Yu Fang Yi Xue Za Zhi; 49(8): 752-6, 2015 Aug.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | 2015 | ID: mdl-26733039
Resumo: The AIDS epidemic in men who have sex wlth men (MSM) in recent years showed a sharp upward trend, looking for behavioral intervention strategies should be imperative. Fear appeals by fear prompted intervention received intervention information, provide a new breakthrough to achieve better effect of propaganda and intervention. After over 70 years development, the Fear Appeal generated from the driver model that proposed the fear decided the effectiveness of behavior intervention, to the extended parallel process model theory which integrated protection motivation theory and parallel process theory, both of which believed the fear is just one of the estimators, suggested fear is the key factor. The fear appeal theory is turning to be even more comprehensive and accurate. As an important theoretical basement, the fear appeal is still developing, and need more work to make it perfection.