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High Utiliser in der psychiatrischen Versorgung: ein Ost-West-Vergleich bei affektiven und schizophrenen Störungen. / [High utilisers with affective and schizophrenic disorders in the psychiatric health care system: a comparison between Eastern and Western Germany].

von Rad, Kathrin; Puschner, Bernd; Spießl, Hermann; Grempler, Julia; Janssen, Birgit; Becker, Thomas; Freyberger, Harald.
Psychiatr Prax; 41(7): 371-5, 2014 Oct.
Artigo em Alemão | MEDLINE | Abr 2014 | ID: mdl-24723040
Resumo: OBJECTIVE: High utilisers of psychiatric services are defined as a group of patients showing a great amount of service use, especially inpatient care, consequently causing immense costs. There is a lack of studies investigating differences between East and West Germany. METHODS: Service use and psychopathology were examined in 350 high utilisers receiving inpatient treatment in one East German and three West German psychiatric hospitals. RESULTS: Whereas current length of stay was higher in participants from West Germany, readmissions were more frequent in the East German participants who also exhibited higher psychopathology. CONCLUSION: Presumably, the deficient situation of outpatient health care in East Germany is compensated by increased stationary admission, consequently leading to a structural promotion of high utilisation.