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Un curso de docencia clínica para residentes mejora la autopercepción de preparación para enseñar. / [A clinical teaching course for residents improves self-perception about preparation to teach].

Reyes, Carlos; Florenzano, Pablo; Contreras, Alvaro; González, Alejandro; Beltrán, Daniela; Aravena, Carlos; Grassi, Bruno.
Rev Med Chil; 140(11): 1431-6, 2012 Nov.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | 2012 | ID: mdl-23677189
Resumo: BACKGROUND: Medical doctors need to be competent to teach patients, their families, students, and the health care team. In a previous study we determined that although the residents attach great importance to have teaching skills, they do not feel prepared to meet this role. AIM: To assess self-perception of learning in a formal course of training how to teach for residents. MATERIAL AND METHODS: In 2004 we implemented the course "Residents as Clinical Teachers", based on the Stanford Faculty Development Center for Medical Teachers Model (SFDC), for residents of a Medical School. Residents of all the post graduate programs were invited to take the course as an elective during the period 2004-2011. At the end of the course each resident completed the pre/post Seminar Series Housestaff/student Questionnaire; assessing perceptions of learning, expressed in a Likert scale from 1-5. RESULTS: The implementation of the course in 111 residents significantly improved self-perception of general preparation for teaching and improved self-perception of preparedness in each educational category. The personal goals most commonly established by participants were on feedback (52,2%), control of session (44%) and communication of goals (40%). Barriers for teaching most frequently identified were lack of time to do clinical teaching (51,3%) and environmental limitations (16,2%). The main impact of the course reported by residents were acquisition of teaching skills or tools for teaching (39,6%), enhancing of motivation (14%), and a richer understanding of teaching principles (14%). CONCLUSIONS: A clinical teaching course for residents improves their self-perception of preparation to teach and enhances motivation for clinical teaching.