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2. Contact lens care and ocular surface homeostasis.

Efron, Nathan; Brennan, Noel A; Bright, Frank V; Glasgow, Ben J; Jones, Lyndon W; Sullivan, David A; Tomlinson, Alan; Zhang, Jinzhong.
Cont Lens Anterior Eye; 36 Suppl 1: S9-13, 2013 Jan 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Jan 2013 | ID: mdl-23347575
Resumo: The early focus of contact lens wear and ocular health was on oxygen delivery. However, as we learn more about how the eye works, and investigate how the contact lens interacts with the cornea, the role of the tear film has risen in prominence. A healthy tear film is critical for normal ocular homeostasis, and abnormalities of the tear film are the primary cause of dry eye. In order to improve patient eye health and comfort during lens wear, we need to further elucidate the relationship among contact lenses, contact lens solutions, the tear film, and the corneal epithelium, and find ways to maintain homeostasis of the ocular surface. In this section, we review the latest data and opinions on this complex relationship between contact lenses and lens care solutions.