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Telepsiquiatría: una revisión sistemática cualitativa. / [Feasibility of implementing tele-psychiatry in Chile].

Castro, Ariel; Larraín, Alberto; Fritsch, Rosemarie; Rojas, Graciela.
Rev Med Chil; 140(6): 789-96, 2012 Jun.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | 2012 | ID: mdl-23282619
Resumo: The objective of this review was to search the literature on the use of telemedicine in mental health and evaluate if it can play a role in Chile. A systematic, qualitative review was carried out to compile systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and clinical controlled trials (CCT) that were in English or Spanish and that applied information technologies for the treatment of psychiatric diseases. Excluded from the review were articles without summaries or articles that included only the trial design, without results. The references of each selected article were critically evaluated. Of the 265 articles found, 224 were excluded for failing to comply with the inclusion criteria. Therefore, 41 articles were left for analysis, 30 reporting CCT and 11 systematic reviews. It is concluded that the use of information technologies to provide mental health care is widespread. It can be implemented in geographically remote places, without access to specialized mental health care and be a part of complex interventions that integrate several components.