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A practical approach to improve safety and management in chemotherapy units based on the PROCHE - programme for optimisation of the chemotherapy network monitoring program.

Scotté, Florian; Oudard, Stéphane; Aboudagga, Hail; Elaidi, Reza; Bonan, Brigitte.
Eur J Cancer; 49(3): 541-4, 2013 Feb.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | 2013 | ID: mdl-23021062
Resumo: The PROCHE (PRogramme d'Optimisation du circuit CHimiothErapie [Programme for optimisation of the chemotherapy network]) initiative is an innovative oncology-monitoring program designed to reduce patient waiting time and chemotherapy wastage, ultimately improving patient care. Laboratory test results and side effects data were collected for patients in the PROCHE monitoring program group 2d prior to scheduled chemotherapy visits, allowing oncologists to confirm or delay each patient's chemotherapy. Data from 1037 patients entered in the PROCHE program were compared with 513 control patients, who had been treated according to previous typical hospital procedures. Results demonstrated significant reductions in mean hospital stay i.e. decreased it by 66 min and drug wastage decreased from 6% to 2% (95% CI (confidence interval) 0.21-0.59, P<0.0001), and a significant increase in bed occupancy rates with the PROCHE initiative (all P<0.0001 vs. controls). The incidence of pain and severity of fatigue were also reduced. In conclusion, the PROCHE initiative resulted in improved patient quality of care and reduced chemotherapy toxicities, and improved hospital and pharmacy productivity. These encouraging preliminary results warrant further study.