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An overview of Brucellosis.

Haque, N; Bari, M S; Hossain, M A; Muhammad, N; Ahmed, S; Rahman, A; Hoque, S M; Islam, A.
Mymensingh Med J; 20(4): 742-7, 2011 Oct.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Nov 2011 | ID: mdl-22081201
Resumo: Brucellosis is the most important zoonotic disease caused by Brucella species comprising Gram negative, facultative, intracellular pathogens. The true incidence of human brucellosis is unknown for most countries of the world including Bangladesh. But brucellosis is not uncommon in our country. Due to its increasing incidence in many countries of the world it is an important issue now days. Domestic animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, camel, buffalo and dogs serve as a reservoir hosts. Transmission of brucellosis to humans occurs through the consumption of infected, unpasteurized animal milk and milk products, through direct contact with infected animal parts, through ruptures of skin and mucous membranes and through the inhalation of infected aerosolized particles. Due to variability of clinical features and limited availability of laboratory facilities, the disease remains largely under-reported. Early and specific diagnosis is important to ensure a favourable outcome regarding this zoonotic disease.