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Understanding errors in diagnostic radiology: proposal of a classification scheme and application to emergency radiology.

Provenzale, James M; Kranz, Peter G.
Emerg Radiol; 18(5): 403-8, 2011 Oct.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Jul 2011 | ID: mdl-21786138
Resumo: Errors in image interpretation are a common problem in diagnostic radiology. Although many published articles provide trainees with the means to correctly interpret imaging studies, they do not provide a framework for understanding why and how errors occur. In this article, we propose a classification system that allows categorization of errors, which we hope can serve as a basis for peer review, self-education, and quality improvement programs. Our scheme incorporates elements of a classification system proposed by previous authors but also includes novel categories. In this article, we show the usefulness of our scheme by applying it to a specific, and particularly problematic, diagnosis in emergency radiology, namely that of dural sinus thrombosis.