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Weight-bearing activity and foot parameters in Native Americans with diabetes with and without foot sensation.

Cuaderes, Elena; Lamb, Lyndon; Khan, Myrna; Lawrence, Gary.
J Cult Divers; 16(1): 10-20, 2009.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | 2009 | ID: mdl-20669398
Resumo: Amputations from diabetic foot ulcers account for substantial health care costs and pain. At the point of neuropathy, it has been recommended that weight-bearing activities (WBA) be restricted to reduce the risk of ulcers. While regular WBA has been shown to control glycemia, stress from this exercise may lead to ulcers by various processes. This investigation compared Native Americans with diabetes, with or without foot sensation and who reported regular or no leisure-time WBA, with variables of significance for risk of diabetic foot ulcers. Analysis revealed that there were no differences in barefoot standing plantar pressure or plantar skin hardness between the four groups. Further study is recommended with a larger sample and the use of instruments that are more valid and reliable.