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Entlassungsplanung bei Menschen mit hoher Inanspruchnahme psychiatrischer Versorgung in einer randomisierten kontrollierten Multizenterstudie. / [Randomised controlled multicenter trial on discharge planning in high utilisers of mental health care].

Rad, Kathrin von; Steffen, Sabine; Kalkan, Rana; Puschner, Bernd; Becker, Thomas.
Psychiatr Prax; 37(4): 191-5, 2010 May.
Artigo em Alemão | MEDLINE | Abr 2010 | ID: mdl-20414852
Resumo: OBJECTIVE: A simple, systematic and targeted manualised intervention was developed and applied in the German multicentre randomised controlled trial "Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Needs-Oriented Discharge Planning and Monitoring for High Utilisers of Psychiatric Services" (NODPAM). BACKGROUND: Rational of the intervention is outlined. Similarities and differences in comparison with other approaches (Care Programme Approach, "Integrierter Behandlungs- und Rehabilitations plan", Critical Time Intervention) are delineated. INTERVENTION: The intervention consists of two sessions led by an intervention worker with patient, keyworkers (at inpatient and outpatient services), and - optionally - carer(s) participating. During each intervention session needs identified by the patient are discussed, a treatment plan is developed and subsequently circulated to all participants. CONCLUSIONS: Strengths (high structure, simplicity, compatibility with routine care) and disadvantages (e. g. shortness, insufficient dispersion of time, lack of integration with clinical process) of the intervention are discussed.