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Receta electrónica en Cataluña (Rec@t): una herramienta de salud. / [Electronic prescription in Catalonia, Spain (Rec@t): a health tool].

Gilabert-Perramon, Antoni; López-Calahorra, Pilar; Escoda-Geli, Núria; Salvadó-Trias, Clara.
Med Clin (Barc); 134 Suppl 1: 49-55, 2010 Feb.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | Mar 2010 | ID: mdl-20211354
Resumo: Electronic prescription is new advance in the use of new technologies on health care. It is a tool that increases quality health care, patient's accessibility and safety in use of drugs and sustainability of the system. Electronic prescription is also a system of prescribing and dispensing in real time, improving coordination between health professionals. The electronic prescription model establishes that the patient comes to the health center where physician diagnostics, makes prescriptions of treatment and, if it is necessary, gives a medication plan to the patient. This medication plan contains currents treatments and a security code. Patients can go to any pharmacy he wants and have to present medication plan and health care card for drug delivery. The electronic prescription is being implemented gradually in Catalonia; Barcelona city is the last zone where Electronic prescription is being implemented. On November, more than 3.100 physicians, 2.450 pharmacies and 870.000 patients are using electronic prescriptions normally and without any remarkable incidences and more than 90.000 drugs are being dispensed every day. Implementation of electronic prescription project is a success in Catalonia, with a good reception from professionals and patients. The model of electronic prescription improves every day to be more useful to professionals and patients.