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Iron fortification strategies for the control of childhood anemia in Brazil.

Lamounier, Joel Alves; Capanema, Flávio Diniz; Rocha, Daniela da Silva; de Oliveira, Jose Eduardo Dutra; da Silva, Maite Costa; de Almeida, Carlos Alberto Nogueira.
J Trop Pediatr; 56(6): 448-51, 2010 Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Mar 2010 | ID: mdl-20200047
Resumo: This article presents data on the fortification of foods, necessary as an important public health approach for the success in reducing anemia. The use of food vehicles, iron salts and their costs, as well as recent work on iron fortification of foods in Brazil are reviewed. Recent research serves as a cornerstone for countries that attempt to implement permanent, long-lasting iron fortification programs aimed at the prevention of anemia considering cultural habits, type of iron salts and at-risk groups.