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Early weaning of HIV-exposed uninfected infants and risk of serious gastroenteritis: Findings from two perinatal HIV prevention trials in Kampala, Uganda.

Onyango-Makumbi, Carolyne; Bagenda, Danstan; Mwatha, Antony; Omer, Saad B; Musoke, Philippa; Mmiro, Francis; Zwerski, Sheryl L; Kateera, Brenda Asiimwe; Musisi, Maria; Fowler, Mary Glenn; Jackson, J Brooks; Guay, Laura A.
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr; 53(1): 20-7, 2010 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | 2010 | ID: mdl-19779355
Resumo: Objective: To assess serious gastroenteritis risk and mortality associated with early cessation of breastfeeding in infants enrolled in 2 prevention of maternal-to-child HIV-transmission trials in Uganda.Methods: We used hazard rates to evaluate serious gastroenteritis events by month of age and mortality among HIV-exposed uninfected infants enrolled in the HIV Network for Prevention Trials (HIVNET 012) (1997­2001) and HIV hyperimmune globulin (HIVIGLOB)/nevirapine (NVP) (2004­2007) trials. HIV-infected mothers were counseled using local infant feeding guidelines current at the time.Results: Breastfeeding cessation occurred earlier in HIVIGLOB/NVP compared with HIVNET 012 (median 4.0 versus 9.3 months,P,0.001). Rates of serious gastroenteritis were higher in HIVIGLOB/NVP (8.0/1000 child-months) than in HIVNET 012 (3.1/1000 child-months; P , 0.001). Serious gastroenteritis events also peaked earlier at 3­4 and 7­8 months (16.2/1000 and 15.0/1000 child-months,respectively) compared with HIVNET 012 at 9­10 months (20.8/1000 child-months). All cause infant mortality did not statistically differ between the HIVIGLOB/NVP and the HIVNET 012 trials [3.2/1000 versus 2.0/1000 child-months, respectively (P = 0.10)].Conclusions: Early breastfeeding cessation seen in the HIVIGLOB/NVP trial was associated with increased risk of serious gastroenteritis among HIV-exposed uninfected infants when compared with later breastfeeding cessation in the HIVNET 012 trial.Testing interventions, which could decrease HIV transmission through breastfeeding and allow safe