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Contributing to operations of community agencies through integrated fieldwork experiences.

Klinger, Lisa; Bossers, Ann.
Can J Occup Ther; 76(3): 171-9, 2009 Jun.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Jul 2009 | ID: mdl-19630307
Resumo: BACKGROUND: Occupational therapists are change agents who are well equipped to participate in community development. Community development projects can help agencies in many ways, including determining needs, educating stakeholders, developing novel programs, finding and creating resources, marketing the agency, and creating or implementing policy. In order for service agencies to profit, they need an understanding of the skills occupational therapists can offer. The best way to gain that knowledge may be through direct experience. PURPOSE: This paper describes the benefits that flow to community agency partners and to occupational therapy students from an innovative, integrated fieldwork model that links students with service agencies. KEY ISSUES: This approach has demonstrated many benefits to community partners, while allowing all students in an occupational therapy program to have community development experience. IMPLICATIONS: This is a cost-effective way to demonstrate the value of occupational therapy and to deliver multiple community development projects.