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Factores relacionados con la evolución clínica del síndrome del latigazo cervical. / [Factors related with clinical evolution in whiplash].

Pleguezuelos, Eulogio; Pérez, María Engracia; Guirao, Lluís; Palomera, Elísabet; Moreno, Eva; Samitier, Beatriz.
Med Clin (Barc); 131(6): 211-5, 2008 Jul 12.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | Ago 2008 | ID: mdl-18674499
Resumo: BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Factors of poor clinical recovery in acute whiplash are not conclusive. The goal of this prospective longitudinal study was to identify factors with influence in clinical evolution allowing us to identify patients with risk for developing chronic symptoms and disabilities after an acute whiplash. PATIENTS AND METHOD: We included 226 patients who suffered acute whiplash after road traffic accident and met the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for medical evaluation and physiotherapy treatment. We collected variables following a protocol designed for the study. All patients were assessed through the visual analogue scale (VAS) for the intensity of neck pain, the Goldberg Depression and Anxiety Scale and the Northwick Park Neck Pain Questionnaire (NPH) for cervical column functionality, at initial evaluation and at discharge of treatment. RESULTS: Factors related with poor recovery of NPH at discharge were: number of days of cervical column immobilization with collar, presence of headache, dizziness, and dorsal pain at initial evaluation and initial evaluation of VAS score and Goldberg Depression and Anxiety Scale. In the multivaried analysis we found that variables with influence on NPH at discharge were statistically significant for VAS, Goldberg depression subscale and NPH scores at initial evaluation. CONCLUSIONS: The most important factors that determine the evolution of patients with acute whiplash are the initial evaluation of the neck pain with the Visual Analogue Scale, the cervical column functionality with NPH and Goldberg Depression subscale.