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Women's health education in undergraduate nursing courses.

de Alencar, Neiva Gomes; Souza da Silva Batista, Sylvia Helena; Ruiz-Moreno, Lídia.
Rev Lat Am Enfermagem; 15(2): 355-7, 2007.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Jun 2007 | ID: mdl-17546372
Resumo: This article aimed to analyze the Women's Health Education in the Nursing courses in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, characterizing faculty members and the pedagogical processes implemented. A questionnaire was carried out with 17 professors responsible for the teaching. It was possible to observe good qualification of the faculty members, in its majority with teaching experience superior to five years. In addition, most of the professors have teaching education with partial dedication to teaching and research or work per hour. The denomination "Women's Health Nursing Assistance" is adopted by the majority of courses. The pedagogical processes tend to extend conceptual references, keeping expositive classes as the main teaching strategy and written tests are the most applied evaluation method. The teaching of woman's health presents, therefore, a more critical perspective about woman's health with the participation of graduate professors and learning situations that integrate both the transmission and the active construction of knowledge.