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Der Einbezug von Nutzern psychiatrischer Angebote in die psychiatrische Versorgungsforschung. / [User involvement in mental health services research].

Krumm, Silvia; Becker, Thomas.
Psychiatr Prax; 33(2): 59-66, 2006 Mar.
Artigo em Alemão | MEDLINE | Fev 2006 | ID: mdl-16502383
Resumo: BACKGROUND: User involvement in mental health services research is discussed in Great Britain, and a number of user-led research initiatives can be found. In Germany, less attention is paid to the concept while virtually no initiatives can be found. METHOD: The concept of user involvement is introduced by reviewing the relevant literature. After discussion of theoretical and methodological implications, practicability of the concept for mental health services research is illustrated by some examples from Great Britain. RESULTS/DISCUSSION: User involvement in mental health services may promote the provision of user focused services. User involvement aims at the empowerment of mental health service users and can also improve the quality of mental health services research. Frequently, user-led/collaborative studies are focused on mental health service assessment. Some problematic aspects (e. g. representativeness, knowledge/skills of users) are discussed. Although more research is needed to document the additional benefit of user involvement in mental health services research it is conceivable that the concept will gain in importance.