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[Comparison of noliprel and caposide efficacy in patients with arterial hypertension of high risk].

Nedogoda, S V; Marchenko, I V; Chaliabi, T A; Tsoma, V A; Brel', U A; Prokhorova, E A; Kapustin, I O.
Ter Arkh; 77(5): 80-3, 2005.
Artigo em Russo | MEDLINE | Jul 2005 | ID: mdl-15989013
Resumo: AIM: To compare clinical efficacy and tolerance of fixed combinations of perindopril and indapamide (noliprel), capoten+hydrochlorotiaside (caposide) in arterial hypertension stage I-II of high and very high risk which failed prior monotherapy. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A blind randomized trial in parallel groups recruited 40 patients (20 patients each). The patients received 1 tablet a day noliprel (2 mg/0.625 mg) or caposide (50 mg/25 mg) for 6 months. Target pressure patients were counted. Speed of the pulse wave, blood lipids and electrolytes, left ventricular myocardium posterior wall thickness were estimated. RESULTS: By antihypertensive efficacy and ability to reduce left ventricular hypertrophy and to improve arterial elasticity, low-dose fixed combination (noliprel) was not inferior to caposide (high-dose fixed combination) while by T/P noliprel was more effective than caposide, it lowered cholesterol more but potassium level--less. CONCLUSION: Noliprel has the the same with caposide antihypertensive efficacy and ability to diminish LVH. It has benefits by action on lipid and electrolyte indices.