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A Teoria de King e sua interface com o programa "Saúde da Família". / [King's theory and its interface with the "Family Health" Program].

Moura, Escolástica Rejane Ferreira; Pagliuca, Lorita Marlena F.
Rev Esc Enferm USP; 38(3): 270-9, 2004 Sep.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | Nov 2004 | ID: mdl-15551996
Resumo: This study of epistemological intention is about King's goal achievement theory and its contributions on knowledge and practicing for nurses who work in the "Family Health" Program (FHP), Brazil. The analysis component, based on the Meleis' Method of Theory Analysis concerning critical thought on the theory, was applied as well as reading and thoughts on FHP guidelines and proposals in order to verify the interface between the two paradigms in the study. The outcome of the study proves that the two approaching proposals are coherent. Such coherence drives authors to recommend the adoption of King's teachings concerning FHP practice for nursing to obtain greater and better results in its actions.