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De benadering van het kind met chronische buikpijn. / [Approaching a child with chronic abdominal pain].

Kollée, L A A.
Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd; 147(26): 1256-8, 2003 Jun 28.
Artigo em Holandês | MEDLINE | Jul 2003 | ID: mdl-12861664
Resumo: A detailed anamnesis and a complete physical examination are essential for establishing the cause of recurrent abdominal pain in a child. Often no medical abnormalities will be found and additional diagnostic procedures may be limited. Most cases are functional in nature or have a psychosomatic origin. The recently established Rome II criteria for the classification of functional abdominal pain in children can be used to diagnose this disorder. The literature provides little evidence for the effectiveness of medication in treating functional recurrent abdominal pain.