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Of rocks and safe channels: learning to navigate as an interprofessional team.

Bateman, Hilarie; Bailey, Peter; McLellan, Hilary.
J Interprof Care; 17(2): 141-50, 2003 May.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Maio 2003 | ID: mdl-12745296
Resumo: A new interprofessional primary care team was established in a greenfield site. Using anethnographic approach, significant experiences in the formation of the team were documented and specific problem areas were defined and addressed using action research principles. The nature of the problems experienced and the processes used in their resolution are described and related to current policy recommendations and to existing literature on the theory and practice of team development. Problems include: the potentially varied expectations and managerial requirements of collaborating partners, the lack of clarity over professional roles and associated essential competencies, and the appropriate management and development of specialist professional roles. Conclusions drawn concern the complexity of the issues raised by interprofessional team working, and the value of existing techniques and models in this setting, such as the viable systems model, 360 degree appraisal and action research.