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Improving the quality of health care: who will lead?

Becher, E C; Chassin, M R.
Health Aff (Millwood); 20(5): 164-79, 2001.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Set 2001 | ID: mdl-11558700
Resumo: National interest in the quality of American health care increased dramatically in 1999. The press, the Institute of Medicine, legislators, physicians, and hospitals joined in a vigorous policy discussion. But a similar debate occurred in 1988, following reports from four public agencies that detailed their concerns about health care quality. In the intervening decade, research has not documented much improvement. In this paper we outline the quality problems in U.S. health care, review some of their most prominent causes, consider the biggest obstacles to bringing about major improvement, and discuss the vital role of leadership in achieving this goal.