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An integrated program for evidence-based medicine in medical school.

Barnett, S H; Kaiser, S; Morgan, L K; Sullivant, J; Siu, A; Rose, D; Rico, M; Smith, L; Schechter, C; Miller, M; Stagnaro-Green, A.
Mt Sinai J Med; 67(2): 163-8, 2000 Mar.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Abr 2000 | ID: mdl-10747374
Resumo: To provide optimal care for their patients, clinicians must be able to locate and interpret the most current literature. Teaching the necessary skills to medical students is essential, if we wish to train clinicians to be able to keep up with the expansion of biomedical knowledge for their entire working lives. In this paper, we describe our school's four-year curriculum in evidence-based medicine and the performance of three senior classes on the summative evaluation exercise devised to measure the program's success.