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Kinetic testing of drugs against Mycobacterium leprae in mice. Activity of cephaloridine, rifampin, streptovaricin, vadrine, and viomycin

Shepard, Charles C; Walker, Laura L; Van Landingham, Rosalind M; Redus, Martha A.
s.l; s.n; jul. 1971. 5 p. tab, graf.
Não convencional em Inglês | Hanseníase | Jul 1971 | ID: han-18179
Resumo: A series of drugs that had been found active against Mycobacterium leprae in mice by the continous method of drug administration was tested by the kinetic method. Vadrine and vyomivin were found inactive. Cephaloridine, streptovaricin, and rifampin gave bactericidal-type results. In a second experiment, rifampin was found to have distinct bactericidal effect when given for only 2 days. The plasma levels of rifampin that were associated with bactericidal effect in mice were in the range reported for man receiving acceptable dosages of rifampin. Cephaloridine and, especially, rifampin merit further investigation in clinical trials in leprosy patients, either as single drugs or in combination with other active drugs. The combination of rifampin and dapsone (DDS) or acedapsone (DADDS) appear to provide the advantages of tboth drugs.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR191.1
Localização: BR191.1; 02305/s