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Instrumento de apoio à gestão regional de saúde para monitoramento de indicadores de saúde. / [Regional healthcare management support instrument for monitoring health indicators].

Pereira, Bernadete Dos Santos; Tomasi, Elaine.
Epidemiol Serv Saude; 25(2): 411-418, 2016 Apr-Jun.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27869958


OBJECTIVE: to report the development of a computerized tool for regional healthcare management to monitor health indicators. METHODS: by means of a development survey conducted in 2013, the 'Indicators for Regional Healthcare Management' spreadsheet was built in order to evaluate 40 indicators spread over seven categories. RESULTS: the tool provides the population age pyramid, demographics denominators, a list of the five leading causes of death, and reasons for hospital admissions, while the graphs allow the indicators to be compared between municipalities within Healthcare Regions; the indicators can be updated annually, depending on the availability of results on the website of the National Health System Information Technology Department (Datasus). CONCLUSION: the tool contains information about the method for calculating indicators and accessing sources of information. It has the potential to be used by other Healthcare Coordination bodies, and can be used to qualify the continuing education of planners and managers, besides assisting with Healthcare Region planning.
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