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Painel de Monitoramento Municipal: bases para a construção de um instrumento de gestão dos serviços de saúde. / [Municipal Monitoring Panel: Bases for building a health service management tool].

Grimm, Sylvia Christina de Andrade; Tanaka, Oswaldo Yoshimi.
Epidemiol Serv Saude; 25(3): 585-594, 2016 Jul-Sep.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27869929


OBJECTIVE: To describe and critically analyze the steps taken and the technical references used to build the São Paulo City Health Department Monitoring Panel, highlighting its potentials and limits for the decision-making process. METHODS: This was a qualitative study based on analysis of official documents and semi-structured interviews with key informants. The data was submitted to thematic analysis aimed at understanding the technical choices and paths taken to build the Panel. RESULTS: The Panel provides numerical and graphical reports applying four statistical analysis models, thus facilitating access to information and data analysis by different management levels. CONCLUSIONS: The Panel provides analysis options for different management levels, thus strengthening decentralized decisions. It is a streamlined and appropriate monitoring strategy as well as being able to be used in different management contexts and territory sizes.
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