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Distonoid ions.

Tomazela, Daniela Maria; Sabino, Adão A; Sparrapan, Regina; Gozzo, Fabio C; Eberlin, Marcos N.
J Am Soc Mass Spectrom; 17(7): 1014-1022, 2006 Jul.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-16713292
By Yates, Bouma, and Radom's definition, distonic radical ions are those formally arising by ionization of diradicals or zwitterionic molecules (including ylides). These ions differ, therefore, from conventional radical ions by displaying the charge site and unpaired electron site (spin) localized mandatorily on separate atoms or group of atoms; that is, these sites are separated in all of their major resonance forms. Many conventional radical ions with a major resonance form in which charge and spin sites reside formally on the same atom or group of atoms display, however, high degree of discretionary (non-mandatory) charge-spin separation. By analogy with the metal/metalloid terminology, we propose that these distonic-like radical ions be classified as distonoid ions. Radical ions would, therefore, be divided into three sub-classes: conventional, distonic, and distonoid ions. B3LYP/6-311 + G(d,p) calculations for a proof-of-principle set of radical cations are used to demonstrate the existence of many types of distonoid ions with a high degree of discretionary charge-spin separation. Reliable calculations are indispensable for probing distonoid ions, since an ion that was expected to be distonoid (by the analysis of its resonance forms) is shown by the calculations to display a characteristic conventional-ion electronic distribution. Similarly to many distonic radical ions, and in sharp contrast to a conventional radical ion (ionized 1,4-dioxane), the gas-phase intrinsic bimolecular reactivity with selective neutrals of a representative distonoid ion, ionized 2-methylene 1,3-dioxolane, is found to include dual ion-radical type reactions.
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