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Penetration of a prophylactic antibiotic into peritoneal fluid.

Corbett, C R; Hollands, M J; Young, A E.
Br J Surg; 68(5): 314-5, 1981 May.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Maio 1981 | ID: mdl-7225752
Resumo: The ability of an antibiotic, given for prophylaxis, to enter the peritoneal fluid was measured in 40 patients having abdominal operations. Cefuroxime, the antibiotic studied, attained a satisfactory level (4 mg/1) in the peritoneal fluid of 34 of the 40 patients (85 per cent). There was no difference between emergency and elective operations, suggesting that peritoneal inflammation does not enhance the penetration of cefuroxime into peritoneal fluid.