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Studie SPRINT - co prinesla nejvýznamnejsí studie posledního období v oblasti hypertenze. / [The SPRINT study - the outcomes of the most important study over the recent period focused on hypertension].

Soucek, Miroslav.
Vnitr Lek; 62(11): 933-937, Fall 2016.
Artigo em Tcheco | MEDLINE | 1900 | ID: mdl-28128583
Resumo: When treating systolic hypertension we do not know the optimum blood pressure which leads to the reduction of cardiovascular events and cardiovascular and total mortality. The results of the ACCORD study, when comparing intensive treatment of systolic blood pressure < 120 mm Hg and standard treatment < 140 mm Hg, did not lead to affecting the primary target for patients with diabetes mellitus. In the autumn last year the SPRINT study was presented and published, showing favourable impact on the combined primary target, which involved myocardial infarction, other acute coronary syndromes, stroke, heart failure or death from cardiovascular causes during intensive treatment of systolic blood pressure, i.e. < 120 mm Hg, but on the other hand with a statistically significant incidence of secondary effects (hypotension, syncope, renal impairment or failure).Key words: target values - hypotension - cardiovascular events - systolic blood pressure.