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HPV vaccine for adolescent males: acceptability to parents post-vaccine licensure.

Reiter, Paul L; McRee, Annie-Laurie; Gottlieb, Sami L; Brewer, Noel T.
Vaccine; 28(38): 6292-7, 2010 Aug 31.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Jul 2010 | ID: mdl-20637770
Resumo: We examined mothers' willingness to get their adolescent sons HPV vaccine. In December 2009, 2 months after approval of HPV vaccine for males, we surveyed a national sample of mothers with sons aged 9-18 (n=406). More mothers were definitely or probably willing to get their sons HPV vaccine if the vaccine were free (47%) than if it cost $400 out of pocket (11%). The importance of HPV vaccine possibly protecting their sons' future female partners from HPV-related disease was the strongest correlate of willingness. These findings are important to increasing acceptability to parents of HPV vaccine for their sons.